Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been written in plain English to ensure legibility by all individuals and highlights how and what data we collect. Along with how we use this data, including which 3rd parties have access.
This way you have full transparency of what data can be seen when you use our service.

Email Service

When using the email service provided to contact a member of the team, we will use reasonable means to link your identity to an account within our service. This may be correlate your Discord User or Server ID to ensure we can offer your an appropriate amount of support.

General Privacy

As a product we ensure only necessary data is collected, we will also never sell your data.

Personal Data Modification, Retrieval, or Deletion

If you would like to modify, delete or request a copy of the data held on the server, please email to initiate the request. The data that is being requested must be related to your User ID or Server ID. In the event that we need too, we may also request for verification to ensure that you are you before any modifications are made. Due to the sensitive nature of such requests, verification documents and emails regarding such a request will be stored in an encrypted format with a copy sent to you for 6 months before it is permanently deleted. This also helps us ensure that in the case of a backup being used during the limbo of account removal we can ensure that your data is re-deleted from the backup.

Use of third-party services

We use the following services to ensure we can offer the correct level of service to you.

Stripe will only be used if you decide to purchase a premium subscription.


If you would like more information about how this server is used, data stored on it, or any other queries, please contact us via the email below.

Contact via email:, or for more personal emails, please email