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How do I add a feed?

Bot commands are no longer supported, meaning any command you would usually use with the sf! prefix will no longer work.

To add a feed, you can use any one of 2 options:

Online dashboard: Our online dashboard allows you to do this easily with minimal typing, to do so just press 'Login' and then the dropdown next to your name and then 'Servers'. Select your server and you are greeted with a page with all the details you need to add a feed.

Slash commands: You can use a new feature called slash commands which all you have to do is type a slash (/) and type add. A list of feed types will come up and will guide you in adding a feed.

My feed hasn't posted, what do I do?

We're constantly adding new features to the bot, we may temporarily bring some services down which will temporarily delay you from receiving feeds instantly. However the bot will always catch up when all services are restored.
Don't think this is the case? Be sure to check out our status page linked at the top of the page to see if any issues have already been reported. Otherwise, please join our support server and our staff team will help you.